The Right Process

The Watermark Group was created for a single purpose:
to help family enterprises win.


The Right Process - People


You’ve probably already experienced the challenge of needing great advice, guidance and the services that BIG firms offer, but you also know that you want to work with someone who will actually know who you are and what your business is about.

We started out as CPA’s in a large firm and wanted to be closer to our clients so we could make a bigger impact. So we started our own firm and brought accountants, wealth experts and investment specialists together under one roof with one focus: help you make the most of everything you’ve got.

This is not possible unless we understand where you are and where you want to be. Because of this, our approach is a little different.

This is what we call the Legacy Process.



The Legacy Process



We find that the best way to help out client make the most of everything they’ve got is to start in the Discovery phase:

Every one of our clients is unique. They all have their own set of concerns and issues, which is why we do not take a cookie cutter approach. Our Discovery phase is used to learn more about you! Who are you? What is your mission and vision? What do you value? What goals and dreams do you have – Personally, for your family, for you business? Understanding these 4 things will provide clarity for you (and for us). We will not leave Discovery until we are absolutely sure that we have clarity, so that we can make wise decisions surrounding the planning gaps and opportunities that have been identified.

The second phase is called Creative Solutions:

Next,  we start thinking about the solution. This phase is all about making decisions. Because we have spent ample time producing clarity we can now move into make wise and informed decisions.

The third phase is called Strategy Deployment:

Now  it is time to implement your solutions. Given that we have taken the time to clarify and have made wise and informed decisions, the results generated through Strategy Deployment should be what you were looking for.

The last phase is called Results Management:

Once the desired results are achieved, we help manage and maintain the results to ensure that your plan stays on target.


We have chosen to use this process because it works! Many advisors want to jump head first into the solutions. These advisors rarely understand what it is that really matter or drives their clients. As a result, the client  rarely receive the intended results, instead, they find themselves trapped in a state of eternal planning.
We believe that in order to best serve you, we need to be informed, we need to have clarity around where you currently are, and where you want to go. Without knowing these things,  we would be blind and unable to help you make the most out of everything you’ve got.